What is Venetian Plaster?


What is "Venetian Plaster"?

Venetian Plaster (Italian Lime Plaster) is a term widely used to describe a look associated with plasters that are manufactured in Northern Italy. Also known as "Stucco Veneziano", this phrase was coined by Italian-American emigrants that arrived from Italy in hopes to find streets of gold; and did when they discovered how popular the look and style of these products became.

Today, most experts prefer to call Venetian plaster a "technique" or "style" rather than a product. In order to avoid confusion about materials available today. Many of the so-called Venetian plasters used in the world today are synthetic and made by paint manufacturers to imitate the look of authentic plasters like FirmoLux.

There are synthetic or acrylic based ‘Venetian Plasters' that are sold through paint and home stores here in North America, however, FirmoLux system of products is made traditionally in Italy and is an All-Natural authentic lime plaster made from lime, marble, and other minerals and natural elements.

What's the difference between synthetic plaster and Italian natural lime plasters?

There is a class of engineered synthetic plasters that deliver desirable handling and performance benefits but fail in the appearance, adaptability, long-term look, and most importantly the benefits. Artificial plaster is like thick paint and usually, dries with little  or no depth which makes it difficult to copy the look of natural plasters.  These plasters can be made with a variety of material including lime, acrylics, polymers, resins, petroleum products and sometimes cement and chemicals. They are made to "look" like the authentic plasters but do not offer long term beauty and more importantly the healthy benefits of lime plasters.