Our Philosophy

哲学 / 教育

Education - Training Product development

An ongoing endeavor is to education and train applicators, artisans, architects, interior designers as well as home and business owners about the beauty and timeless products that we import. 


“Our goal is to get our products in front of professionals and homeowners, by teaching the differences between authentic products and the synthetic faux plasters made to resemble our products and being used and sold as “Venetian plaster” by stores and applicators in North America”


As our applicators will tell you, FirmoLux™ is an all-natural Italian lime plaster that has been manufactured in Italy for decades.  Traditionally made from magnesium quality lime (dolomite), marble, minerals, and ingredients from nature.  They are a true "Green Building Product".


Manufactured in the tradition of the Renaissance but improved by the technology of today. 

FirmoLux Authentic Italian lime plasters are used by all the applicators we endorse.

Carmine and Massimo Maieli doing media promotions on live TV
Kevin Walsh Venetian Plaster Professional

Carmine and Massimo Maieli doing media promotions on live TV

Longtime spokesperson and trainer, Kevin Walsh

One on one personal training.

Mulvey training.png

Classroom training with Mike Mulvey in Easton PA


and Adrienne Wannamaker in Portland Oregon

On the job and project training.