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Representatives in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and many other cities in and around Texas.  Let us find one for you.
Venetian Plaster Texas is a group of trained professional Venetian plaster applicators living in and around Texas that are certified to work for you.
Our Experience

Our products have been in production for multiple generations and used on some of the finest properties throughout Europe and now in North America.

Originally used in Venice during the renaissance, modern day lime plasters have been improved to meet the needs and demands of our contemporary lives.

Because of the reputation of these natural products, it spread throughout post WWII Europe ready to mend the broken and cracked walls that followed the war.  Only the finest products were sought and it is good to know that the plasters that we sell have been time tested under extreme climates and conditions from the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea coast.

Regardless of your design plan, contemporary to old world, there is a wall in your project that will become a focus of your style and taste.

We are 100% confident in these all-natural plasters. These great products have been available here in North America as a result of our importing and distribution efforts.  We originally purchased these plasters for several construction projects in an around our home state of Florida that had specified for natural lime plasters.  As a result, a need for these new products were developed and the birth of FirmoLux here in America.

The applicators and artisans that use FirmoLux plasters are committed to their craft, and like others, became obsessed with the love and need to work with a product that they get excited about.  We are happy to hear from architects, designers and contractors speaking high praises of our products and the positive praise they feel brings to their projects.