Colors for my "Tuscan Home"

I was recently called from a gentleman who wanted me to consult on colors for his new Tuscan Style home under construction on a Caribbean island. I asked him to send photos and drawings, along with elevations of the property. Of course, once I saw his home, all I could think of was the many Mediterranean and Mission styles homes you can find from Boston to Burbank that are called Tuscan style homes. It’s what we do here in America; we generalize everything so very well. I don’t blame builders for calling them Tuscan style only because as an American I understand it’s their way of saying “it’s an Italian style” home


The real homes of Tuscany are plain and simple, almost stark in comparison to the American versions we see here.  It has a more peasant style and feel.  From small square windows and straight lines and edges. Nonetheless, don’t let looks surprise you because once you step inside, a glamorous and appealing interior breaks all the rules.