Venetian Plaster - a purist point of view.


Venetian Plaster a purist point of view. By Anthony J Fiocco


I distribute a product called FirmoLux™, a collection of Italian lime plasters and material imported from Italy and sold internationally.  I decided to start this blog mainly in an attempt to bring attention to something I feel passionate about.  My intention is to bring a level of quality and craftsmanship back to a trade built on generations of talented individuals that created an industry out of their hard work and gifted abilities handed down to them by their ancestors over generations.  I hope this blog begins a dialog that will help us shape relationships with applicators/artisans that share in the enthusiasm of using traditional natural Italian lime plasters.


I'd like to write about the first plasterer I ever knew, my grandfather Antonio Fiocco.  He was a man that made an impression on me at an early age and who immigrated to America from Villa Santo Stefano, a small village in southern Italy an hour south of Rome.  He left a country on the verge of World War I and during a time Northern Italy was rapidly being industrialized.  Many ordinary northern Italians saw a rise in their standard of living; while the south remained poor and somewhat backward.