"Protective Spaula Cera Wax"
Spatula wax is a paste like penetrating wax especially designed for Italian Natural lime plasters. It is a pasty wax formulated to protect and polish Italian lime plaster finishes and adds protection and luster to any finish.


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Spatula Wax

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  • Spatula Wax (petroleum based) for ultimate Protection

    Instructions for use

    • Apply with Stainless steel trowel, spatula or buffing cloth
    • Application of 1 or more coats according to needs
    • Don’t over apply; during application the product is absorbed leaving a thin layer on surface, any excess must be removed
    • After about 30 min. and not more than 2 hours, proceed to polishing with special cloths or using a polishing machine with fine wool pads for ultimate shine.
    • Protect from water for at least 48 hours
    • Temperature of application 40° - 95°F.