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Anthony “Tony”, is the founder and co-owner of FirmoLux™.  With almost 30+ years’ experience as a business owner in the creative world, his goal is to continue to make FirmoLux the industry leader because of his commitment to quality products and first class customer service.

Anthony "Tony" Fiocco FirmoLux Director
the other boss
Dara Fiocco, genius
Kim “Kimba”, is a co-owner and color expert.  Coming from a family of artist, her natural ability to mix and match colors makes her a valuable asset to the company.  She likes to bring her work home with her, on her skin, clothing and in her hair.
Dara "the Genius", is a recent graduate from Florida State University with a degree in English and computer technology. She consults with FirmoLux to bring us into the 21st century. Oh yea, she has a pet rabbit named Bailey.  
Rocky "Sylvester" is head of security.  If you run into him, run the other way, he might lick you to death.
Rocky head of security

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