Health Benefits


The benefits of using FirmoLux™ Italian lime plaster are numerous.  Listed are the primary advantages of its use

  • FirmoLux is a Green building product with 0-VOC's and 1-LEED point qualified.

  • Environmentally friendly - biodegradable non-toxic.

  • Using authentic lime plasters which offer a variety of finishes and levels of effects that are not possible with synthetic or faux products.

  • The color permeates throughout the plaster.  We only use natural mineral color pigment that is designed to work with lime plasters

  • Compared to synthetic or acrylic plasters, authentic lime plasters inhibit and prevents bacteria growth on the surface, which eliminates the possibility of mold and mildew.

  • Because we eliminate mold spores, it is hypoallergenic, killing spores to live longer during allergy seasons and leaves healthy breathable walls for your home/office environment.

  • Lime plaster will age gracefully, and in most cases, lasts many years longer than painted or synthetic surfaces.

  • Lime plaster is an excellent sound barrier and insulator.  Natural plasters will reduce the amount of humidity in a room by absorbing moisture which then evaporates off the surface over time.

  • Lime Plaster will help keep a fire contained. Since it does not burn like painted or synthetic surfaces, it will not allow a fire to spread as quickly within a room. This ability reduces or eliminates more extensive structural damage or destruction (provided the fire is extinguished promptly).

  • The only thing better than authentic lime plaster is to install stone or marble to your walls.

  • The best is FirmoLux plasters are easy to maintain and keep clean and will last your lifetime.