MicroPrimer (fine)

Penetrating Quartz Primer)

  • Coverage per 5 gallons (20kg)  

    • 1,000 square feet (1 coat diluted up to 40-50%

  • Material cost per square feet:

    • .18 - .25 cents per sq ft^  depending on dilution

  • Color:

    • The product comes natural white.  Should be tinted when dark colors are applied over it to avoid white showing through transparent colors/plasters.

  • Ph Factor: 13 ph

  • Granulation Size Range:

    • 0.5 µm (microns) / 0.05mm

  • Suggested Coats:

    • For best results apply one full coat. The primer can also be diluted up to 35-40% with clean water for new construction with level 5 finishes.

  • Packaging:

    • sold by weight. 1kg (1-quart) to 20kg (5-gallons)

  • Weight:  

    • 44 lbs. / 20 kg. per 5 gallons

  • MicroPrimer™ is a consolidating micro acrylic water based insulator for internal and external use, and is composed of water soluble acrylic resin. Due to its very fine particles, this special primer permits the primer to be absorbed into the surface, creating a bond between the wall and the finish product you choose to apply. It can be used under any of our plasters and works especially well under or finer products like Grassello and Milano Metallics.MicroPrimer™ is excellent for application on concrete, stucco, plaster, asbestos cement or drywall allowing for a bond between the finish products and the substrate. It is particularly indicated for use on walls that have been painted with emulsion or enameled paints.